About Our Shop

A Mom & Pop business that has been servicing all of your automotive needs in Stony Plain and area for over 35 years.

The Story of How our Mechanic Shop Started

Hello, my name is Mel Kause and I would like to welcome you to Mewassin Automotive Ltd. Yes, we are located out in the country in the beautiful Mewassin district, 20 minutes south west of Stony Plain or 15 minutes south east of Wabamun. The rolling hills and view of the North Saskatchewan River make it a wonderful place to live and to work on your vehicles. We have lots of room to test drive! We may be located in the country but we take great pride in having the latest in diagnostic equipment and technicians trained in advanced electronics. That's why we can give you our "Personal Guarantee", of 1 year or 20,000 km on parts and labor. We have a 6 bay facility and 4 licensed technicians as well as our front office staff. We send a truck to Edmonton twice a day for parts as we endeavor to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We are also a Government Licensed Inspection Facility for Commercial and Out of Province Inspections. We have FREE loaner vehicles for your use and also offer FREE pick- up and delivery of your vehicles. My wife Rita is very involved in the automotive industry and is the Past President of the Canadian Independent Automotive Association. Rita writes the Fuel For Thought Newsletter and you can follow her blog "What you Auto Know". She has a unique Royalty Rewards program for our clients. It automatically sends them a $30.00 gift certificate for every $600.00 they spend! It's our way of saying thank you and we appreciate your business. What started out as a hobby grew into a business!

Books: Whatever Happened to Outstanding Customer Service?

If you have ever asked the question, then this book is for you! In these pages, you will find out what goes into great customer service, from someone who knows it from both sides-as a business owner, and as a customer. Whether you are trying to improve the level of customer service in your business, or you just wonder why you can't get good service any more, you will find this book filled with valuable insight. You may wonder what happened to outstanding customer service. This book explains how to bring it back. Let's bring on the customer service revolution! Rita and Mel Kause have been in the Automotive Industry for the past 35 years. They have found that the secret to running a successful automotive repair business is by providing the highest level of outstanding customer service. This was desperately needed in the automotive business as in almost every service business there is today. Provide a customer with outstanding customer service and you have a client for life. Rita and Mel are founding members of the Canadian Independent Automotive Association. Mel and Rita are on the Board of Directors for the Association and Rita is the Past President.

Books: How To Buy A Great Used Car

Rita, along with Amy Mattinat of Automotive Experts Ltd., co-authored the book "How to buy A Great Used Car" the Canadian version.